Software engineers create the programs that make our digital world possible. 从初创公司到大公司, organizations depend on software for their businesses to run efficiently, 安全且经济高效.

作为一个软件工程专业的学生, you'll learn to develop complex systems and solve real-world problems. 随着越来越多的人依赖智能设备, the number of openings for software engineers will only increase, 随着就业前景的增长 25 percent by 2031, according to the U.S. 劳工统计局.


Our low student-to-faculty ratio allows our professors to get to know you personally while you engage in research together. This unique level of interaction is the hallmark of the Clarkson educational experience. 我们的课程与研究相结合, internships, co-op opportunities and career placement services separates us from other programs.

Our faculty experts engage in the development of technology and innovation in areas such as next-generation identification, 先进的网络安全,更安全的世界, metamaterials that can bend waves and cutting-edge renewable energy systems for a greener tomorrow.

我们的程序平衡了硬件, 软件和系统概念, along with a robust set of communication and teamwork skills that industry leaders are looking for. For a capstone design project, you'll have the chance to showcase the knowledge you've accumulated. Some design projects give students opportunities to conduct research with professors and graduate students and present their work at conferences.

我们的软件工程专业有 100%安置率 in 2023.

What You'll Learn

Clarkson's BS in Software Engineering combines software and hardware topics through a streamlined course sequence emphasizing software engineering technology and engineering design.

This interdisciplinary curriculum draws from computer science and electrical and computer engineering. 这种协作方法侧重于:

  • 数据结构和算法
  • Embedded systems
  • 编程基础
  • 编程语言
  • Software engineering (requirements, design, implementation and verification and validation)
  • Software systems
  • 网络和移动系统

Our students are taught with state-of-the-art industry tools and get introduced to programming languages C/C++, Java, Python和JavaScript, among others.


Students are required to complete the following courses:

Software Engineering

  • EE260嵌入式系统 
  • EE262 Intro to Object-Oriented Programming and Software Design
  • EE264数字设计导论 
  • 软件工程基础 
  • EE363软件组件 & Generic Programming 
  • EE368软件工程 
  • EE407计算机网络 
  • EE408视觉环境的软件设计 
  • EE418软件工程高级设计 
  • EE462软件系统架构 
  • EE466计算机架构
  • EE468数据库系统 


Students are required to complete the following 专业经验:

  • ES499专业经验(0学分)


Students must complete the following courses in their first year:

  • CM131普通化学I(4学分)
  • CS141计算机科学概论(4学分)
  • ES100 Introduction to Engineering Use of the Computer (2 credits)
  • ES110 Engineering & Society 
  • MA131 Calculus I 
  • MA132 Calculus II 
  • PH131物理I(4学分)
  • PH132物理II(4学分)




  • CS341编程语言 
  • CS344 Algorithms & Data Structures 
  • CS444操作系统 
  • CS458程序验证的正式方法
  • ES250电气科学 


  • MA211 Foundations 
  • MA231 Calculus III 
  • MA232初级微分方程
  • MA381 Probability
  • 或STAT383概率 & Statistics



  • Software engineering professional electives may be any course numbered EE300+, CS300+, MS300+, AS300+, BR400, ME444, COMM442, COMM444 or CS242.


  • Students will have at least 12 credit hours available to use toward Knowledge Area and/or University Course electives to satisfy the Clarkson Common Experience requirements.

Free Electives

  • Students will have approximately 6 credit hours available to use toward courses of their choice.


Our software engineering professors are also active researchers. Access undergraduate research opportunities through projects sponsored by agencies like the National Science Foundation, U.S. Air Force Research Lab and New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, 私人公司也是如此. Past student projects have involved the construction of web and mobile apps, 使用Python进行数据分析, 机器学习应用, 生物识别和网络安全.


作为一个软件工程专业的学生, gain professional experience through an internship or co-op. 在公司找工作, 政府机关及其他机构, 包括通过校园招聘会. Twice a year, nearly 200 employers come to campus to recruit undergraduate Clarkson students for internships, 合作社和全职职位, 包括许多招聘软件工程师的公司.


  • BAE Systems
  • Electric Boat
  • GE
  • General Dynamics
  • IBM
  • Lockheed Martin
  • 雪城研究公司


Software engineering students can get involved outside the classroom through over 200 clubs and organizations on campus, 包括一些与软件工程相关的.

These include:

  • 美国印第安人科学与工程学会
  • 自主机器人俱乐部
  • esball国际平台客户端开源研究院(COSI)
  • esball国际平台客户端软件工程俱乐部
  • Gaming Initiative
  • Gaming Society
  • H2Code LLC
  • 全国黑人工程师学会
  • Order of Omega
  • 电力与能源学会
  • 机器人生活学习社区
  • Sigma Xi -科学研究协会
  • 西班牙裔专业工程师协会
  • 亚洲科学家与工程师学会
  • 女工程师学会(SWE)
  • Tau Beta Pi -国家工程荣誉协会


Students are required to complete the courses in one of the following options:

Option 1

  • CS141计算机科学概论I(4学分)
  • CS142计算机科学概论2
  • CS344算法和数据结构

Option 2

  • CS141计算机科学概论I(4学分)
  • EE262 Intro to Object Oriented Programming and Software Design
  • EE363软件组件和通用编程



  • CS242 Java高级编程概念
  • 或EE408视觉环境软件设计


  • EE368软件工程
  • 或CS350软件设计 & Developments



  • EE465/CS452计算机图形
  • CS455/EE407计算机网络
  • EE468/CS460数据库系统
  • or course approved by the Software Engineering Program Committee.

Career Possibilities

Almost all organizations require some form of software engineering to support their operations. The U.S. 劳工统计局 has consistently ranked software engineer at the top of its job list for many years and 预计2021年至2031年将增长25%. Demand for software engineers spans many sectors, such as:

  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Energy
  • Finance and banking
  • 社交媒体和娱乐
  • Telecommunication

Recent Employers

2023 graduates of the program started their careers with an average salary of more than $81K. Graduates have recently gone on to work for companies such as:

  • Aetna
  • Aurora North
  • BAE
  • Electric Boat
  • Gracenote
  • IBM
  • Inficon
  • Lockheed Martin
  • 东北信息发现
  • RSI
  • 萨博防务与安全
  • 塔塔咨询服务


Email: ece@sharaneyecare.com
Phone: 315-268-6511

Interested in learning more about the 软件工程学士学位? 如有任何疑问,请立即与本署联络.



2021 software engineering graduate Kristen Printup shares her favorite aspects of Clarkson's software engineering program, including excellent academic support and abundant high-paying career opportunities.

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